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The Autumn Posy

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The Autumn Posy

A page-turner historical romance, time slip series


A bridal shop, a journey through time and a wedding…

Sabrina can barely remember her mother, who abandoned her on the streets of Liverpool as a child. But then, a woman she calls Aunt Evie takes her in. She’s grown up above Aunt Evie’s bridal shop, where she’s joined her in the wedding dress business of making other young women’s dreams come true.

So when Sabrina meets Adam, she wonders if it’s her turn. But there’s a piece of her that’s missing, and she needs to find the answers as to what happened to her mother if she’s going to give herself completely to Adam.

Then the past comes calling, and Sabrina unwittingly leaves those she loves behind to find herself working as a kitchen maid, where she becomes embroiled in the life of the arrogant Muldoon family and the young housemaid she befriends, Jane’s forbidden love.

Will she help Jane’s dreams come true and unlock the mystery of what happened to her mother? And, in doing so, will she lose her chance of happiness with Adam?


The Autumn Posy


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