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A Bite for Dinner

A Bite for Dinner

A paranormal cozy mystery.


Cord Dupree is just a young highway patrolman until he pulls over a werewolf one night. Then a retiring Texas Ranger hands him a century old silver badge. Now he can see a ghost, another Ranger who works the paranormal shift.

Macey Davenport’s grandma died and she missed the funeral. But she’s given a dog named Bogey and the keys to the family inn on Galveston Island. This building has survived dozens of hurricanes, even the big one in 1900. It turns out the inn is haunted . . .

Her first guests include the young werewolf Cord pulled over. Somebody winds up dead, and it will take all of them, Cord, Macey, their ghosts and Bogey the dog to figure out whodunnit.


A Bite for Dinner


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