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Review: Domestication: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Battle Mage Farmer Book 1)

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Domestication: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure

Battle Mage Farmer Book 1.


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Domestication is the first book in a fantasy series by Seth Ring. As with other titles in the litRPG subgenre, the fantasy world is presented along with the main character’s user interface, in keeping with the isekai literary tradition of a person from our world transported to another. LitRPG is just more game-like than older isekais such as Andre Norton’s Witch World.

With a series titled Battle Mage Farmer, one expects a progression fantasy as well, and Ring does not disappoint. Opening chapters reveal John Sutton, who after years of service as a battle mage, is on a quest to retire in an isolated valley far from the big city.

Enough surprises and plot reveals abound to keep the reader turning pages. On the farm he has been bequeathed, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past has been squatting, along with her precocious little brother. These two John allows to stay, with the proviso they continue working on the farm. A series of amusing anecdotes involving mana-infused farm animals adds to the reader’s delight.

As the farm grows, more of the world is gradually revealed as well, along with John’s past and many of the current and future problems facing its inhabitants. One interesting facet is a doomsday quest, in which the apocalypse draws nearer each time John overuses his tremendous power.

Since debuting last summer, Domestication has justifiably remained near the top of Amazon’s charts. New titles in the series have periodically been released, up to five as of this writing. It’s a well written, tightly plotted series and highly recommended.


Domestication: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure


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