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Colton Security Box Set

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Colton Security Box Set

Books 1-3.


The Russo sisters and their brother lost their parents to a drunk driver a decade ago. Each has found a way to pick up the pieces and move forward. But love, true love, is a slippery thing and none them can trust their heart. Then come the men of Colton Security….Every book features all the same characters, with stories dedicated to each couple.

Love Bound: After losing his wife and unborn child to a man bent on revenge, Finn Colton left the security business he built from the ground up. He has no idea when he buys the dilapidated inn on the coast of Maine how his life will change. But when the same man threatens Claire Russo, a woman strong enough to allow him his grief, he knows he has to save her and risks his heart in the process.

Letting Go: Chloe Russo returns after being kept from her family for six years in a cult. When she discovers the leader’s plan to “repatriate” her, she’s determined to leave her family again rather put them in danger. Colton security expert Bryce Tucker, knows she’s a flight risk, but has no idea why. The only thing he’s sure of? She’s infiltrated his dreams. Now, he’ll risk his life to protect her.

Love Always: Laurel is a young mother with a small son on the spectrum. Fiercely independent, her life unravels when she discovers the body of a classmate. Mateus, an analyst for Colton Security, lost his leg three years ago in a military accident. Now he’s tasked to guard her from members of the drug ring out to silence her. Protecting Laurel is not easy–their chemistry is electric–and distracting. They’ve both taken the same vow, though: to never be a burden to anyone. But how can they remain apart when they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Meet Claire and Finn, Chloe and Bryce, and Laurel and Mateus. Immerse yourself in the world of the Russo clan and Colton Security and discover what thousands of others have as well: the Russos are flawed, real, lovable, relatable, and Colton Security men are swoon-worthy. Steamy romance with just enough suspense, no infidelity. Read the first of three in the series!


Colton Security Box Set


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