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Sam Wick Boxset 2

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Sam Wick Boxset 2

Books 4-6.


Sam Wick is the one the Government calls on to extract people out of the worst of the worst enemy places on earth. Where the government cannot and will not go, he will. There is no guarantee that he’ll succeed every time but he doesn’t have a choice or does he?

The mission was simple – Infiltrate Iran, find the target, and get out. Nothing could have gone wrong, except everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Sam Wick, a seasoned operative with a reputation for success, is tasked with infiltrating Iran to locate a high-value target. But as soon as he sets foot on enemy soil, everything starts to go wrong.

Plunged into a world of betrayal, conspiracy, and split-second decisions, Wick must use all of his training and cunning to survive. As he navigates a web of danger and deception, he realizes that he is not alone in this fight. Someone – or something – is working against him, determined to see him fail.

As the stakes get higher and the threats grow more intense, Wick is forced to confront his own demons and make a choice: give up or fight to the death. In this heart-pumping thriller from breakout author Chase Austin, nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.

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Sam Wick Boxset 2


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