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Steam & Aether Books 1-3

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Steam & Aether Books 1-3

1400+ pages of award-winning steampunk science fiction!


When Sergeant Ripley Coulter gets pulled from the dominant online war zone into an alternate reality, he finds himself in a world of primitive technology with vacuum tubes, steam engines and airships.

Here, London is Ethinium, England is Umbria and Coulter is the only person with an implanted neural gaming chip. He joins the Royal Venture Society, helps explore the city’s steam vaults, fights evil forces corrupting the world . . . and falls in love.

Don’t miss this thrilling steampunk gamelit adventure! Veteran science fiction and military fantasy author, two-time Kindle Scout winner Jaxon Reed presents an exciting all-new series set in a fantastic gaslamp universe. Featuring fistfights, machineguns, gang warfare, dungeon crawls and sci-fi adventure, Steam & Aether garnered tens of thousands of reads on Royal Road and was a 2022 Writathon winner!


Steam & Aether Books 1-3


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