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Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5

book coverDark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5

A hurricane, a badge, an inn that never falls into disrepair . . . 


In 1900 a massive hurricane wiped out Galveston, killing thousands and leveling the island.

One building survived, the Dark Waters Inn. The proprietress made a deal with the angel who watches over Texas.

Over the years the island rebuilt. But Dark Waters remains untouched, haunted by a ghost whose successive granddaughters continue running the inn. Macey Davenport shows up late for her grandmother’s funeral and suddenly finds herself the new owner of a very special place.

Cord Dupree is a lonely highway patrol officer in West Texas. One night, he pulls over a werewolf . . .

Suddenly Cord finds himself promoted, handed a silver badge tied to the ghost of an old Texas Ranger. His job now is to serve as the living half of a paranormal law enforcement team stretching back to the 1800s.

When Cord and his partner become guests at the Dark Waters Inn, old ghosts are reunited and romantic sparks fly in the land of the living. But a secret organization keeps tabs on the paranormal in Texas. When guests start showing up dead in Galveston, it will take Cord, Macey, their ghosts and Bogey the dog to figure out whodunit and do something about it.

Grab all five books in the complete Dark Waters Inn series with this box set!

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The Dark Waters box set received the Number One New Release tag in Amazon’s Mystery Anthologies category when it debuted. Check it out!


Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5

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