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Tree of Aeons

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Tree of Aeons

Matt is reincarnated as the most unlikely of heroes… 


Being reborn as a tree wasn’t first on Matt’s wish list. It’s not all bad, though. For he’s not just any tree, but an overpowered one in a fantasy world that serves as the battlefield for an ongoing conflict between demons and the heroes summoned to oppose them.

Matt can be a great tool against the evil forces. TreeTree (as Matt comes to be known) will learn all manner of skills, gain levels and wisdom, and in doing so, build up a forest, guide young heroes, protect a village, and much more.

Don’t miss the start of an epic reincarnation/isekai LitRPG story about a man who becomes a tree, growing and progressing throughout the ages in an eternal conflict against a demon incursion. With nearly 15 million views between Royal Road and ScribbleHub, this new and improved edition is sure to delight readers!


Tree of Aeons


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