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Destine Academy Books 1-10 Boxed Set

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Destine Academy Books 1-10 Boxed Set

The complete series.


THE COMPLETE SET. This box set includes all 10 novels of the bestselling Destine Academy Series. This series topped the teen YA Wizards & Witches Fantasy eBooks charts for months. Find out why readers say “If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love this series!”

Escape into the Destine Academy World!

On her 16th birthday, Caroline Destine’s safe, happy existence is turned thrown UPSIDE DOWN into uncertainty, mystery, and magic…

Caroline returns home to find her mother and brother missing…

with NO sign of a struggle

and NO clues to their whereabouts.

Forced to live with her estranged aunt, Marguerite, Caroline moves into the prestigious school where Marguerite is Headmistress.

But Destine Academy is no ORDINARY school…

Thrown into a new confusing world, Caroline’s only goal is to find her family

…and resume her former life.

As Caroline unravels the truth,

she discovers her life has been full of lies

…but can she survive the deadly consequences of exposing secrets someone will kill to keep buried?

The Destine Academy series, a YA magical fantasy series, is full of magic and mystery that will have you biting your nails to find out what happens in this magical world. Hundreds of copies sold. Now for the first time, save by reading the series in this special deal!


Destine Academy Books 1-10 Boxed Set


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