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Revolution’s Light

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Revolution’s Light

A retired Marine. A child born with abilities. Only she can protect him. 


In the near future, every new child must be approved and birthed from artificial wombs. This medical miracle is sold as a health benefit to humankind, but the truth is darker…

They’re in place to keep the birth of telepaths hidden and under control.

This truth is no secret to former U.S. Marine Valerie Hara, however. Her illegally born son is a powerful telepath. When government agents storm her home to take him away from her, she’ll stop at nothing to protect her family—including turning her skills as a soldier against the government she once swore to obey.

As she fights to get her son back from those who want to control him, she becomes a spark to ignite a revolution that threatens to spread across the globe.

But will she survive to see a better world?


Revolution’s Light


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