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YA Fantasy Romance Bundle: Series Starter

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YA Fantasy Romance Bundle: Series Starter


Witness the beginnings of 4 Fantasy Romance series, spanning from RH to Epic Fantasy to Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy.

Soul Mates (A RH Fantasy)
Nia’s long-awaited day is coming: her marriage to her betrothed, Celyn.

So when news of Celyn’s death reach her, she is willing to do anything to bring him back, even venture to the forbidden Annwn, where the power to bring the dead back to life lies.

But the path is fraught with dangers. And guarding the way are the four princes of death: Cadfael, Gareth, Bran, and Rhys. Though that is soon about to change.

As the irresistible beauty and resolve of the mortal girl penetrate their defenses, the godly princes find themselves lending their aid to Nia.

As their journey continues, the princes realize that the mortal girl might hold more power over their lives than they over hers.

Mermaid’s Destiny (A Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Epic Fantasy)
Cirona is the royal heir of the Merfolk, locked up in a dark prison.

The last thing she recalls is a strong and handsome man falling into the sea from above before the ominous black clouds closed in.

In the prison with her is a large and mighty dragon, Argun. He is the mighty prince of the Dragons, whose strength is as legendary as their pride. But even strength alone is no match for the evil that has arisen.

As the forces of evil close in, their only chance at survival hinges on utilizing their own abilities, a feat that becomes easier and harder at the same time with Cirona’s growing affection for the dragon and Argun’s insufferable pride. Will the mermaid and dragon reconcile their differences before both their races fall prey to the doom that awaits them?

Fae’s Queen
If school is hell, Sophia and Audrey are definitely demons.

There’s no point staying. One more step off the cliff and all this hell would end.

No harm making one last wish, Myth thought. It’s supposedly just a dumb legend: when one wishes upon a full moon, one’s dream will come true.

But when a fae appears and escorts her to an alternate world where a hot fae prince awaits, Myth knows it’s more than a legend.

Myth is to be the prince’s princess, his mate. And who can resist his alluring glance and charming demeanor.

He will do everything to keep her from harm. But her new role is not as simple as it seems, and secrets and dangers lurk behind this new world. Will she uncover the truth in time or be doomed to a fate worse than death?

Rebirth (Land of Shifters)
“They will kill us all! Leave Strangeville now! Don’t come back!”

It’s Mom’s note… She’s gone, vanished into thin air. It happened around the same time I found that strange-looking stone and terrifying creature in the woods.

Ever since, mysterious deaths and sightings of shape-shifting creatures began surfacing across town.

Just when I thought I was going crazy, I saw him. Trevor. The charming guy from my school that no one seems to know much about, but he knows about the stone I took.

Turns out his family of werewolves has been guarding it for a good reason. Meanwhile, I realize I can do things with my mind, like magic.

Sounds cool? Only I am not sure if I can control it, or who I can trust anymore, including Trevor, though, he’s the only person who might lead me to Mom’s whereabouts.

Anyway, he is not done with me until I return the stone to where it was and put things back to the way they were. Yes, only the one who took it can return it. Geez…

Only problem is, Trevor and his family are not the only ones after the stone, and there are those who will stop at nothing to get it, including killing the one who carries it. Me.


YA Fantasy Romance Bundle: Series Starter


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