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Blue Moon Investigations Ten Book Bundle

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Blue Moon Investigations Ten Book Bundle #1 best seller in Vampire Thrillers, Humorous Fantasy and many more. 


When Tempest Michaels opens a paranormal investigation agency, it was to corner a niche of the market where gullible people believed they were being haunted or that their Great Aunt Hilda was a witch …

… what he gets is unparalleled mayhem as cases with far more teeth and claw than he expected start lining up at his door.

Having invited chaos into his life, it’s not long before he needs to call in help, but are his mates from the pub, an ex-army buddy, his dogs, and his mum (why are there no grandchildren, Tempest?) really the back-up he needs? They’d better be because there appears to be a master vampire in town and the bodies are starting to stack up.

Read Paranormal Nonsense, and nine other action-packed stories now for a fraction of the cost of buying them individually but be prepared to have sore ribs from laughing too hard!


Blue Moon Investigations Ten Book Bundle


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