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Torvald Dragon Riding Heroes

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Torvald Dragon Riding Heroes

Three awesome dragon riding trilogies, one low price!


Destiny awaits, if these dragon-riding heroines are brave enough to heed its call…

Return to the mystical and magical world of Torvald! Join a trio of dragon riding heroines, as they battle to save their world across three breath-taking fantasy adventure trilogies…

In Sea Dragons, Pirate princess Lila wants her people to embrace their destiny as dragon mercenaries. But only Danu, a wise young monk, believes in her. Lila must dig deep, and embrace her true self, or risk her people’s destruction at the hands of an impossibly powerful foe.

In Deadweed Dragons, a new, deadly force threatens to overrun the Southern Kingdoms, throwing orphan Dayie’s life into chaos. Only Dayie, and her dragon, Zarr, can stop the blight. But soon an even greater threat arises. Can she uncover the truth about her birth, and unlock her hidden powers, to save her home in time?

And, in The Stone Crown, as an evil presence creeps across the land, only Narissea, a slave in the kingdom’s mines, can stop it. When she stumbles across an injured dragon, she quickly learns the truth about mysterious Lady Inyene and her mechanical abominations. Making Narissea the only thing standing between her kingdom and devastation.

Lose yourself in a world of mighty dragons, epic magic, and brave dragon riders. This collection includes #1 bestseller Ava Richardson’s Sea Dragons trilogy, the Deadweed Dragons trilogy, and the Stone Crown trilogy.

From readper: We featured the first 9 book dragon-riding set by Ava Richardson back in Summer, 2021.


Torvald Dragon Riding Heroes


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