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Iron Creek Brides Books 1-4

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Iron Creek Brides Books 1-4

There is no telling when love might come along— but it is always when it is most needed. 


Welcome to Iron Creek!

Here you’ll find everything from peace and quiet, wholesome living, and maybe even a chance at love!

As four lonesome bachelors decide they’ve had enough of the single life, what follows is four breathtaking adventures, as these men set off to find the perfect mail-order brides of their own.

From a quiet, reclusive mountain man who meets a widow desperate to escape her haunted past…

To a blacksmith determined to make his own way in life, who meets an ambitious doctor ready to push her career forward.

A faithful sheriff with a town to protect—who meets a sorrowful orphan and her wily, somewhat interfering grandmother.

And a stagecoach driver drawn to life on the road—who meets a widowed mother, hesitant to open herself up to love again.

From bandits and pandemics to meddling relations and all manner of disasters…

Life out west certainly isn’t easy… and it seems that the road to marriage won’t be any less complicated either.

These husbands are about to learn that there is a big difference between finding a wife—and finding true love.

Iron Creek Brides: Books 1-4 is a collection of heart-warming stories about the mail-order brides of Iron Creek! Will the trials of life in the old west keep these four couples apart? Or will they somehow overcome all odds—and let love prevail?


Iron Creek Brides Books 1-4

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