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Toric’s Dagger

Toric’s Dagger A multi-character epic fantasy.   Toric’s Dagger is just another religious relic. Until it’s stolen. Twins Belwynn and Soren volunteer to lead a team tasked with its retrieval. Drawn into a world of danger and treachery, they must rely on Soren’s magical abilities, and on the telepathic bond they share. Now, as kingdoms and empires start to fall, the twins confront the dark forces that threaten them. They […]

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The Jalakh Bow

The Jalakh Bow Intricate epic fantasy, Book 3 of The Weapon Takers Saga.   The weapon takers have bought themselves some time to complete their quest. But when their enemies return, they will find that they have become more ruthless and more terrifying than ever. In the steppe lands of the far north, Soren must seek out the bow of the Jalakh tribes. In Kalinth, Belwynn must face a mysterious […]

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Bolivar’s Sword

Bolivar’s Sword A fast-paced and action-packed adventure, set in a detailed and compelling fantasy world.   Bolivar’s Sword is the fabled weapon of the greatest hero of the Krykker race—and Rabigar needs it. There’s just one problem. Rabigar has been exiled from his homeland, never to return, on pain of death. Belwynn has escaped from the clutches of Ishari. But her brother Soren, and her friends, have not been so […]

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Review: Toric’s Dagger

Review: Toric’s Dagger: Book One of the Weapon Takers Saga An outstanding newly released epic fantasy   Okay, let’s face it: debut authors can be hit or miss. Sometimes you find a decent first effort while each new title is (hopefully) better than the one before. To my delight I discovered Jamie Edmundson’s first book ranks up there in quality as if he’s been producing fantasy novels for years. He sent a copy my way for […]

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