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Review: Toric’s Dagger

Review: Toric’s Dagger: Book One of the Weapon Takers Saga

An outstanding newly released epic fantasy


Okay, let’s face it: debut authors can be hit or miss. Sometimes you find a decent first effort while each new title is (hopefully) better than the one before. To my delight I discovered Jamie Edmundson’s first book ranks up there in quality as if he’s been producing fantasy novels for years. He sent a copy my way for a review, and I’m happy to recommend it.

In fact, Jamie has been writing for quite some time. We’re just now seeing the results. Toric’s Dagger is the culmination of years of work, and is the beginning of an outstanding new epic fantasy series. He is a retired teacher in England, and salts this well-edited book with Nordic and Old English sobriquets. Finding the use of some archaic name for a character felt like discovering Easter eggs. Quite simply, this is the most fun I’ve had reading since the Kingkiller Chronicles.

On to the story. A holy relic is missing, stolen by a marauding group of bandits. A band of misfits is tasked by local royalty to retrieve said dagger. We have boy/girl twins with a psychic connection, the brother holding exceptional wizardry prowess. We have lovable sellswords, a mystic healer who worships a different deity, and quasi-humans with extra-thick skin who are great in battle (one of them wanders in exile for mysterious reasons), a ranger with remarkable tracking skills, and priests from the dagger’s temple thrown in.

It’s a rich world filled with vivid detail, and lots of page-turning battle action. Grab it now, the price is scheduled to go up in June. Highly recommended.

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