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The Lunar Legacy Boxset

The Lunar Legacy Boxset A young woman with a need to protect. A young man drawn to her acceptance. A rival pack threatening to destroy all they love.   Loner, misfit, wild. Everything about Cayden should push me away. Deep down, I know the explanation for his graceful walk, his ability to fight off guys twice his size, and his amazing hearing. Especially when the wolves appear in the woods […]

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The Cursed Academy Complete Series Boxset

The Cursed Academy Complete Series Boxset Binge on six full academy novels, or one complete series, for one low price!    When the Greek gods mysteriously woke twenty years ago, everyone descended from them gained special abilities. The gods opened Olympian Academy to find and teach those lucky souls how to hone their powers and succeed at life. Everyone dreams of that sacred invite. My chances of getting a visit […]

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Nocturnal Academy Complete Series Boxset

Nocturnal Academy Complete Series Boxset  In a world ruled by vamps, being half fae and magicless sucks.   You know what’s even worse? Being sold into slavery by your own mother. I am Onyx Logan, and my mother condemned me when she shipped me off to Nocturnal Academy. If I get lucky, the academy will mold me into a servant for rich vampires. If I’m not, I’ll become a courtesan. […]

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Fae Prison Academy

Fae Prison Academy Dark magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding adventure.    My arrogance was my downfall. I thought if I played by the rules, I’d be spared from the cruelty of the vampires. Boy, was I wrong. My plant magic was supposed to keep me safe, but when a fertility plant that I created for a rich vamp is stolen, my neck is on the line. Not only do I […]

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