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The Lunar Legacy Boxset

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The Lunar Legacy Boxset

A young woman with a need to protect. A young man drawn to her acceptance. A rival pack threatening to destroy all they love.


Loner, misfit, wild. Everything about Cayden should push me away. Deep down, I know the explanation for his graceful walk, his ability to fight off guys twice his size, and his amazing hearing. Especially when the wolves appear in the woods around town and a beautiful male shares Cayden’s dark hair, red highlights, and his wild, hazel eyes.

I should fear him, but he draws me in. Until Cayden, no one else around me understood what it’s like to be radically different. But Cayden warns me off though his eyes yearn for me. Turns out that he has valid reasons for keeping his distance from me.

A rival pack, who believe only the strongest should survive, pursues Cayden’s family for protecting humans. They’ll attack anyone Cayden cares about, and now they’re settling in my hometown.

If I turn away, I won’t be able to live with myself. He’ll fight the savage werewolves alone. But if I turn to Cayden, I might die.


The Lunar Legacy Boxset


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