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Scout Selection: The Man Who Loves Watches

The Man Who Loves Watches

If you enjoyed the Matrix, you’ll love this!


Ion Reed has it all, money, friends, power and … the promise of eternal youth. When a skin irritation appears on Ion’s wrist his monotonous life takes an unexpected turn. He meets a woman at his favourite jelly wrap stand and follows her recommendation of treating the rash with water and soap — a chemical compound unknown to modern civilization. The seemingly harmless substance triggers a domino effect. Things start breaking down until, only a few hours later, Ion’s life spins out of control.

From the Author:
THE MAN WHO LOVES WATCHES is a mind-bending, Matrix-style ride that combines fast paced action with pointed thought about time, free will and human identity.

About the Author:
Alexander Winzer, born in Austria, Vienna, September 1971, blends classical sci-fi with environmental, spiritual and philosophical topics. Alex’s stories are unusual, thought provoking and multilayered. Fast paced action is balanced with reflections about current affairs, human values and beliefs, creating a new sub-genre Alex casually calls Dharma-SciFi.

Categories: Science Fiction / Fantasy

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