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Demons and Dragons

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Demons and Dragons
Dragon Reign Box Set Series Books 1-5


Mysterious demons. Fierce dragon shifters. Secret councils. New alliances. The Dragon Reign Saga is just starting.

Kate’s whole world just turned upside down. She’s hearing weird things, and seeing weird things. And Mama Lucy is a witch. No, really. Not like a capital B witch, but a capital W witch. And the guys Kate’s just saved from imminent death is part demon. And the guy that’s after her is a dragon.

Her life redefines teen drama.

Craig’s a bastard son of a demon king. And he’s a thief. He’s just found the item he’s supposed to appropriate when his cousin stabs him with a poisoned dagger.

Forrest is out to collect the bounty for capturing the bastard son of a demon king. He doesn’t plan to save the girl, or the half-breed demon. He also doesn’t plan to be the one who needs saving.

This unlikely trio find themselves chased by enemies, known and unknown as they slip into a different dimension called Burnt World.


Demons and Dragons


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