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Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. Box Set

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Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. Box Set 

Seven novel-length stories full of sweet and courageous cowgirls who all find their dream men… but not without some real-life problems along the way.  

Cowgirl Fallin’ for the Single Dad
Charity’s a divorcee not looking for love. Alejandro is the new, handsome doctor in town who happens to have a cute little girl needing a woman in her life. They can deny their attraction all they want, but maybe they’re just what the other one needs…

Cowgirl Fallin’ for the Ranch Hand
Cassidy is a cowgirl who can no longer ride because of her disability. Mick is a cowboy drifter trying to find his place in life. What will it take to get her on a horse again? And what will it take to get him to stay…

Cowgirl Fallin’ for the Neighbor
Clara is the beauty with a smile that won’t quit and a heart of gold. Nathan’s the cranky, prideful rancher who wants help from no one. Trouble is… she won’t take no for an answer. Can this country beauty tame the beast Nathan has become? Or will he run her off before she gets the chance…

Cowgirl Fallin’ for the Miller Brother
Charlie is the town’s most eligible bachelor, but he’s got a secret past that turned him off to dating. Until he meets Daisy. She’s a fiery rodeo star who drives him crazy, and not in a good way. Then he sees her do a few good deeds and figures maybe he misjudged her. But her exterior is just as hard to crack as his own. Can they break free from the secrets holding them hostage… to find love and acceptance?

Cowgirl Fallin’ for Her Best Friend’s Brother
Cici’s had a crush on her best friend’s brother ever since she can remember. Now her best friend is getting married, so they’ll both be back in town. Too bad she was never Baz’s type. But he’s come back home with a broken heart. And Cici’s all grown up now. Could this be their chance at love?

Cowboy Fallin’ in Love Again
Papa Miller has raised his children all on his own since his wife died many years ago. He never planned on falling in love again, but life has different plans… in the form of the town librarian. Since her husband died in their first year of marriage, she never had the chance to start a family of her own. But if Papa can open his heart enough to allow love in, she just might get to experience the warm, fuzzy feelings of the family she never had.

PLUS… this set includes a Miller Family Wrap-up Book
To fulfill my readers wishes, I’ve included a final wrap-up book that updates you on the lives of each Miller family couple. Starting with the first contemporary western series I wrote, Brothers of Miller Ranch, then Miller Brothers of Texas and most recently Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M.. And the most exciting part? I’ll be introducing you to some of the next generations of Millers! Yep, I’m excited to say, there’ll be many more books on the way.

Reasons to download this box set:
Sweet and wholesome cowgirl romance with happily-ever-after endings.
Lots of strong and handsome men who know how to treat a lady (well, most of them do, and the ones that don’t, figure it out along their journey of falling in love)!
Thousands of five-star reviews on the individual books combined.
More Miller family books to read after you finish these… lots more.
Seven novel-length stories for one great deal.

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We featured Brothers of Miller Ranch Box Set by the same author in October, 2020.

Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. Box Set 


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