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Daley Buzz 32-Book Cozy Mystery Set

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Daley Buzz 32-Book Cozy Mystery Set

All 32 books in the Daley Buzz series in one set. 


Sabrina Daley is still haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her sister 10 years before.

Even though the case went cold long ago, she keeps holding out hope that one day she will discover what happened to her sister.

Sabrina’s life is turned upside down again when she discovers her friend’s dead body in the alley way behind her family’s coffee shop.

If that isn’t bad enough, after a week of investigating, the local police appear to be stumped.

Terrified about a second case going cold in town, Sabrina decides to take matters into her own hands.

She sets out on her own, determined not to give up until she has brought her friend’s killer to justice.


Daley Buzz 32-Book Cozy Mystery Set


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