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Firemancer Collection: The Fated Chronicles Books 1-3

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Firemancer Collection: The Fated Chronicles Books 1-3

An aged man and an old book of spells. Magic—it claims—is real—and so are ancient enemies bent on controlling it. 


When an aged and grizzled man insists on selling twins Meghan and Colin Jacoby an ancient book of spells and then vanishes from the carnival grounds moments later, well, to ignore this would also mean ignoring the other impossible things suddenly happening around them.

Magical type things… like, talking books, animals popping out of fires, creatures lurking in the lake, fiery visions come true… plus oddly dressed neighbors arriving out of nowhere and afraid of something that stalks the night sky.

And just when the twins think things can’t get any stranger, that’s when the spell book has a dangerous warning: an ancient evil is coming, and it’s coming for them…

But why? Colin is thirteen going on eighteen but stuck in the body of a ten-year-old—he lives to disappear into a fantasy novel for days. His twin sister Meghan despises reading anything without pictures and spends her days picking fights with the bullies that target her geeky brother.

They’re just regular thirteen-year-old twins—well, they have spent their lives traveling around the countryside with their uncle in his travel trailer.

Granted, not completely normal, but nothing at all remotely magical or otherworldly—well, if you don’t count their ability to hear each other’s thoughts, or that their parents died mysteriously, or that their uncle has a rule to move every few weeks—until summertime, when they return to the same campground… like he’s waiting for something.

But what could this possibly have to do with them? A few oddities hardly equal a hidden magical history… right?

Can they unravel the secrets in time?

Or will magic be lost to these ancient enemies, plunging an unaware world into a magical nightmare?


Firemancer Collection: The Fated Chronicles Books 1-3


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