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Sassy Sleuths Detective Mysteries

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Sassy Sleuths Detective Mysteries

13 cozy mystery novels.


If you enjoy smart whodunnits that keep you guessing to the last page, this is the collection for you!

Included in this 13-book bundle:

Girl in the Shadows by Angela Pepper – A young woman with a photographic memory teams up with an older detective and his trusty beagle to investigate an insurance claim based on a meticulously planned murder. (150 pages)

The Kacey Chance Mysteries, a cozy detective series created by Angela Pepper, written by Maisie Dean.

Book 1: State of the Art Heist – An aspiring actress takes a job at a detective agency, and discovers the role of a lifetime as she goes undercover to track down a high-class art thief. (145 pages)

Book 2: Stunt Double Trouble – Former actress Kacey Chance has the bluffing skills and the street smarts to figure out a tricky case of mistaken identity. She might get a promotion, if she survives the shoot-out. (147 pages)

Book 3: Ready on Set Drama – Junior detective Kacey Chance goes undercover on a Hollywood film set to track down a famous actor’s secret enemy. On the set, nobody is what they appear to be, and Kacey’s in for one shocking surprise after another. (115 pages)

Book 4: Background Checks and Balances – Kacey Chance finds herself in the strangest places as she digs into the secrets of a top CEO who’s hiding something huge. (115 pages)

Book 5: Curiosity Killed the Cat Burglar – It’s a trip to the circus for detective Kacey Chance as she chases a tiger thief around the city for the world’s strangest custody battle. (112 pages)

The Stormy Day Mysteries, a cozy murder mystery series by Angela Pepper

Book 1: Death of a Dapper Snowman – The daughter of a retired police detective returns home to care for her father after hip surgery, and finds herself in the middle of a homicide investigation. She’s the only one who can clear her dad’s good name, but she’ll need the help of her new cat, a gray feline named Jeffrey Blue. (260 pages)

Book 2: Death of a Crafty Knitter – When a fortune teller is found dead in the small town of Misty Falls, gift shop owner Stormy Day manages to beat the local police at tracking down the killer. (280 pages)

Book 3: Death of a Batty Genius – Things get trippy at a mountain resort when an avalanche blocks Stormy Day from leaving. She can’t escape her ex-fiance, or the possible zombie that’s terrorizing everyone at the resort. Stormy has no choice but to take charge and act as… chief medical examiner? (255 pages)

Book 4: Death of a Modern King – Ready to meet some royalty? Stormy Day, the town’s newest detective, is in for a big surprise at brunch, as well as a crazy car chase with her friend on the force, Dimples. (230 pages)

Book 5: Death of a Double Dipper – In the high-stakes world of real estate, some people will do anything to make a deal. Stormy Day investigates the death of an old friend. Can this former cheerleader turned detective survive the worst high school reunion ever? (300 pages)

Also included:

Her Sister’s Friends, A Psychological Thriller by Gia Pere – A house flipper picks up more than a good deal when she wins the auction for a house that holds secrets to her own past. She and her sister must overcome old patterns and learn to trust each other if they’re going to survive a dangerous encounter with a killer in their circle. (467 pages)

Interview with a Ghost, A Supernatural Cozy Mystery by Angela Pepper – A recent college graduate deals with her loneliness and lack of direction by striking up a friendship with a famous author who just happens to be dead. (200 pages)

That’s 13 fantastic novels in one cozy bundle! Fill your Kindle with thrilling twists, jaw-dropping reveals, and characters you’ll be thinking about long past “the end.”


Sassy Sleuths Detective Mysteries


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