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Eve of Redemption: The Complete Series

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Eve of Redemption: The Complete Series

An Epic Fantasy Saga filled with magic, adventure, war, and legendary heroes. 


When Citaria falls under the shadow of a demonic incursion, only a legendary hero can stop them.

For Karian Vanador, though, being resurrected comes with a price. Not only is she in a different time and place, but the world has changed in her absence, and she must face the dark demons of her past once again.

Partnered with allies who would’ve been her enemies in her past life, she must adapt to this new world and lead these young heroes to fulfill their potential – to stop a civil war being stoked by demonic influences. If they fail, Citaria may fall to a war that dwarfs the Apocalypse.

From reader:
We featured a boxset with the first six books in this series back in Feb., 2021.


Eve of Redemption: The Complete Series


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