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A Police Doctor Investigates

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A Police Doctor Investigates

The Sussex Murder Mysteries (Books 1-3)


The first three standalone titles in a great series following part-time English GP and police medical examiner Callie Hughes:

When a woman is found dead in Hastings, Sussex, the medical examiner feels a murder has taken place. Yet she feels the police are not doing enough because the victim is a prostitute. Dr Callie Hughes will conduct her own investigation, no matter the danger.

A series of deadly arson attacks piques the curiosity of Hastings police doctor Callie Hughes. Faced with police incompetence, once again she tries to find the killer herself, but her meddling won’t win her any favours and in fact puts her in a compromising position.

A lawyer in a twist at his home. Another dead in a private pool. Someone has targeted powerful individuals in the coastal town of Hastings. Dr Callie Hughes uses her medical expertise to find the guilty party.

If you enjoy exciting mysteries with a fiery female lead that will keep you guessing, you’ll love these books!


A Police Doctor Investigates


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