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The Acheron: The Complete Series

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The Acheron: The Complete Series

1600+ pages of ship-battles, scoundrels, and explosive military sci-fi action.


Sandi Hollande is trouble…the kind of trouble that gets people killed.

On the run from cartel bounty hunters, she turns to the only one left in the galaxy who gives a damn…Ash Carpenter, her old wingman.

She’d saved his life in the war, so he owes her, and his ship, the Acheron, is the perfect way to pay off that debt. She wants to take it and get as far away as possible, but there’s no way Ash is letting the Acheron go anywhere without him.

Together, they play a dangerous game with the deadliest criminals in the galaxy…and hope they live to tell the tale.


The Acheron: The Complete Series


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