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Shadow of the Crown

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Shadow of the Crown

Dragon Guardian Wars, Book 1.


A country under war. A mission that will test the loyalty of everyone. What sacrifices must enemies make to maintain order?

Anjuu is the deadliest assassin in Narishma.

As a Drow, she’s persecuted by the elves at the pinnacle of society—thanks to her Queen Kalio conquering the country.

Her latest mission: to kill those fueling the brewing rebellion. But as the truth unravels, everything around her warps until she doubts her own mission.

An educated elf, Tosh is forced into manual labor in the quarries, serving under the Drow Queen. Seeking vengeance, he escapes with the help of Narishma’s God, Devata. Accompanied by a sprite, Tosh seeks the next dragon guardian, so he can destroy the very government that enslaves his people.

Now Anjuu must face herself and her new fate, or be killed by the very Country and Queen she holds dear.


Shadow of the Crown


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