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A Veronica Lee Thriller Connection

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A Veronica Lee Thriller Collection

Box set includes Books 1-4.


If you love twisty thrillers with heart, you’ll love the Veronica Lee Thriller Collection, Books 1-4, which has been earning rave reviews from thriller lovers looking for their next chilling series.

The Veronica Lee Thriller Collection, Books 1-4 includes the first four books in the addictive series:

Her Last Summer (Book One)
When rookie reporter Veronica Lee investigates the death of a celebrity writer and begins the search for a heartless serial killer, she becomes the unwilling subject of her own deadly story.

Her Final Fall (Book Two)
After a glamorous model plunges to her death from a Miami high-rise, investigative reporter Veronica Lee receives a horrifying video that reveals the killer’s ruthless quest for vengeance.

Her Winter of Darkness (Book Three)
Reporter Veronica Lee investigates the story behind a ruthless human trafficking ring after a captive woman’s desperate plea for help sets her on a dangerous quest to unmask a remorseless serial predator.

Her Silent Spring (Book Four)
As a young woman disappears without a trace on a dark backroad in Kentucky, Investigative Reporter Veronica Lee works to uncover the terrifying truth behind a brutal network of online predators. When Veronica’s troubled past leads the FBI to the remains of a young woman who went missing decades before, she finds herself on the trail of a killer with a chilling connection to her small Florida town.



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