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The Love of Brides Western Romance Boxset Complete Series

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The Love of Brides Western Romance Boxset Complete Series

Inspirational Western mail order bride romance

A 16-Book Box Set! Clean Western Stories, ranging from mail order bride to historical you know you’ve found yourself a real treasure trove.

Faith-filled, independent women who embody the spirit of pioneer women, regardless of the year their individual stories may take place in.

This box set brings together two complete series favorites Over 200,000 words – an amazing offer Value Bumper and enjoys hours of wholesome stories that will keep you reading to fall in love with all, don’t wait!

The Marshall Manor girls are on a quest to each find the love of a lifetime while also making a difference in their corner of the world. From hospitals to factories to voting booths and more, it’s an exciting time as the world inches toward the 20th century. Come along for the ride!

California Historical Mail Order Bride Romance: Come along for a wild, tender ride as Karen and her Friends set forth on a turbulent journey to find God, friendship, and a love for all the ages!

The Love Of Brides Western Romance Box Set Series
The Marshall Manor Girls Complete Series
Book 1 Emily’s Fortune
Book 2 Sophia’s Luck
Book 3 Alice’s Quest
Book 4 Anne’s Endeavor
Book 5 Ella’s Miracle
Book 6 Grace’s Truth
Book 7 Clara’s Accomplishment
Book 8 Rose’s Triumph

California Historical Mail Order Bride Romance Series
Book 1 Winds of Change
Book 2 Blossoms of Joy
Book 3 Twilight of Hope
Book 4 Sunrise of Amelioration
Book 5 Promised Sunset
Book 6 Dusk of Acceptance
Book 7 A Sublime Night
Book 8 Midnight Tranquility


The Love of Brides Western Romance Boxset Complete Series


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