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Forever and Ever Boxed Set One

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Forever and Ever Boxed Set One

E. L. Todd’s most popular series. 


Cayson has been my best friend for years. Never anything more. People have asked the question a million times. “Are you really just friends?”

Yes. Why is that so hard to believe?

I know he’s a super hot guy, but when you’ve been friends since you were two, you tend to get friend-zoned.

Then one morning everything changes. Trinity, my other best friend, says something she shouldn’t. “You didn’t hear this from me, okay? But Cayson used to be so hung up on you.”

“Used to be? When?”

“I don’t know…like six months ago.”

“And you tell me this now?!”

“You aren’t into him, right? So what does it matter?”


But now everything is different. I don’t look at him the same. I can’t even be myself around him anymore. All I think about is digging my fingers into that short dirty-blonde hair.

But it’s too late. I missed my chance.

Now he’s the one that got away…


Forever and Ever Boxed Set One


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