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ParaDiv Ops: Earthbound Spirits

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ParaDiv Ops: Earthbound Spirits

The first 44 episodes.


The first colonial ships left our solar system 200 years ago. The closer they approach the speed of light, the more supernatural disturbances seem to occur…

Something has attacked one of the earliest colonials, leaving mass casualties. The Navy sends in a Marine Emergency Response Team and one Q officer to investigate.

Crystal Keller will uncover the ship’s mysteries. Or die trying. Because even in death questions must be answered…

Earthbound Spirits contains the first 44 episodes of the Kindle Vella story ParaDiv Ops. Two time Kindle Scout winner Jaxon Reed presents an epic tale of legendary proportions. Featuring gun battles and ghost fights, time travel and interstellar secrets, this Space Marine tale is like no other. Download today!


ParaDiv Ops: Earthbound Spirits


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