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Aftershocks – The Complete Series Part 1

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Aftershocks – The Complete Series Part 1

A desperate deal. A catastrophic disaster. A father who will stop at nothing to return home. 


Far from home, a father makes a secret deal with the devil to secure his family’s future.

Alone on their rural homestead, his wife and child continue to eke out a quiet living, quietly counting the days until he returns.

When the mother of all earthquakes rips North and South America apart, the family’s survival skills will be tested more than they ever realize as they fight to survive – and reunite – in the face of overwhelming odds.

From the best-selling authors who brought you Storm’s Fury and Zero Hour comes a new story of hope and survival in the shadow of the apocalypse.

Aftershocks is an epic (100k+ words per book) post-apocalyptic survival thriller where characters are king. Preppers and the unprepared alike, loving families, devastating betrayals, shocking twists and turns and more all abound in this series from authors Justin Bell and Mike Kraus, who birthed hit titles like Darkness Rising, Zero Hour, Last Light and Storm’s Fury. This post-apocalyptic thriller will keep you up late at night as you explore a world that’s both eerily familiar and spine-tinglingly realistic.


Aftershocks – The Complete Series Part 1


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