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Dragon River Shifters – The Complete Series 1 – 5

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Dragon River Shifters – The Complete Series 1 – 5 

Forbidden mates and unexpected alliances. 


Dragon’s Protector – Dragon River Shifters – Book I

Hiding a broken heart, Colt threw himself into taking care of Vic’s Ranch.

Now with Vic gone and Jade showing no interest in her inheritance, Colt feels like a dragon shifter with nothing left to protect. This place is Jade’s birthright but is she ready for what lies ahead. With Lucas sniffing around Colt can’t let the last dragon shifter refuge fall into his greedy hands. Colt must protect Vic’s legacy & convince Jade that she much take her place amongst the dragon shifter lineage.


Dragon’s Forbidden Mate – Dragon River Shifters – Book II
Can I trust a dragon with my heart?

Isla arrives at Dragon river after another heartbreak leaves her missing her best friend Jade. Tired of the secrets and lies the city brings, Dragon river could be exactly what she needs.

Jackson is a drifter, prize fighting in bars to survive. When he lost his grandmother he lost everything that connected him to his dragon shifter heritage. Longing for a connection Jackson arrived in Dragon river as one of many new dragon shifters to answer colts call

Isla and Jackson are bound for the same place, One is tired of secrets and lies, and the other is bound by honor to protect the Dragon’s code.


Dragon’s Queens – Dragon River Shifters – Book III

I never imagined that finding the man of my dreams would lead to a fight for my life.

Growing up, I always felt like I was living in my sister’s shadow. Good grades could never compete with Isla’s auditions and outgoing personality. Now that my career is taking off, Isla is once again stealing the spotlight with her new boyfriend. So, when mom suggests I visit Isla’s new home in Dragon river, I see it as a perfect opportunity to get under her skin.

No sooner than I arrive, I meet Mitch. Hunky men seem to grow on trees around here. It’s not long until I realize I’m not the only woman with her eyes on him. To win his heart, I will have to shed the past and become the woman I’m meant to be.


Dragon’s Hunter – Dragon River Shifter – Book IV

Sent to investigate a possible dragon sighting, Angela soon discovers more than she bargained for.

Ready to fulfil her destiny and protect the earth, she finds herself torn between her duty as a dragon hunter and her growing feelings for Connor

As they embark upon this perilous journey, Angela and Connor must navigate their desires and loyalties, all while teaming up with the residents of dragon river in the hope of stopping the evil dragon queen Mia from unleashing an ancient evil.

Will their love be strong enough to survive? Can they stop Mia’s evil plot? Find out in “Dragon’s Hunter”. A steamy, action-packed paranormal romance that will leave you breathless.


Dragon’s Redemption – Dragon River Shifter – Book V

Futures love can only grow from the ashes of the past.

I never thought I would have to let go of Troy.

Taking his ashes back to the place we fell in love felt like a fitting end.

It was all going to plan until…. I stumbled across a mountain of a man with no memory of who he was, how he got here, or where his clothes went.

I couldn’t leave him, I had to help.

We have lost everything and found each other, but what might happen when his past comes knocking?


Dragon River Shifters – The Complete Series 1 – 5 


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