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Billionaire Beaus

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Billionaire Beaus

Three Books. Three swoon-worthy Billionaire Fake Fiancés. Three happily ever afters. 


Fake Fiancé Next Door

Waking up with amnesia in a hospital, engaged to a billionaire, sounds like a bad Hallmark movie.

Sadly, this is now my life.

Cocky doesn’t begin to describe Griffin Sterling.

But I could think of a few other choice words.

After cursing him out for making me believe we were engaged, I begin to notice the biceps begging to be let out of that $900 tailored shirt.

And those stormy grey eyes that that melt my soul from a mile away.

But there’s no time for that nonsense.

I have a case to fight in court.

Unfortunately, my fiancé is the person I’m fighting against.


Billionaire Beaus


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