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Psychological Thriller Box Set 1-3

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Psychological Thriller Box Set 1-3

Three nail-biting domestic thrillers.


Young mother Claire confesses to the gruesome double murder of her newborn son and husband. She had it all: a handsome husband, a happy life on the coast, and a beautiful baby boy. Then, days after the christening, Claire’s husband and baby are murdered. Claire confesses to the crime. The evidence against her is damning. The police are convinced they have their killer. But her best friend Morgan refuses to believe that Claire could do such a thing. How well does Morgan really know her best friend? She will risk her life to find out.

Two sisters. One’s good as gold. The other’s committed the ultimate crime. Alex is still reeling from the death of her parents in a tragic car accident when she makes a shocking discovery — a secret in her mother’s past. Alex’s mother had a baby daughter just after she left high school. A baby she gave up for adoption. But when Alex decides to search for her long-lost sister, she is in for a horrifying surprise . . . Could finding her long lost sister be the biggest mistake Alex Woods has ever made?

Meet Caitlin. Devoted wife. Adoring stepmom. Liar? One phone call will shatter her picture-perfect new life. She dropped him off at school that morning. But now she gets a call — he’s not there. Caitlin’s six-year-old stepson Geordie is missing . . .


Psychological Thriller Box Set 1-3


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