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Mons’ Angels

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Mons’ Angels

Steam & Aether Book 2.


Someone is opening doors to Earth . . .

Darhaven toils deep in the vaults to crack the code for sending an army to Rip’s world. But their subjects always appear in NeuralNet, leading to much confusion on both sides.

When Darhaven moves work to a tabulator under Calais, odd things begin to happen in the past on Rip’s world. As the guns of 1914 boom, mysterious sights appear at Mons, alongside intense early fighting between British and German forces.

Rip and his team will descend into the Calais vault to stop Darhaven, but the French Army has a presence there already. Rip is left with no choice but to accompany the Foreign Legion deep into the depths . . .

Don’t miss the second book in this stunning steampunk gamelit adventure! Veteran science fiction and military fantasy author, two-time Kindle Scout winner Jaxon Reed presents an exciting all-new series set in a fantastic gaslamp universe! Featuring fistfights, machineguns, gang warfare, dungeon crawls and sci-fi adventure, Steam and Aether garnered tens of thousands of reads on Royal Road and was a 2022 Writathon winner!

From readper:
Steam & Aether 2 debuts on Tuesday. Click now for a special pre-order price, limited time offer. Book 1 in the series, Ethinium’s Vault is also on sale.


Mons’ Angels



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