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Review: Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure

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Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure

The Infinity Engines Book 1.


Time travel is a well-worn trope, but if it is handled well it can prove extremely entertaining. Andrew Hastie, in this very British first of series, handles the trope well.

Of course we have seen examples of nonlinear living in fiction before, the most famous of which is perhaps The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, now almost a modern classic at 19 years old. And Brits traveling through time will inevitably call to mind Dr. Who. But this series, at least in the first book, dispenses with aliens and gets down to the nitty gritty on time travel and its concomitant issues.

One can tell things will be different in this story with the introduction of the main character, a young man of 17 who was born fatherless on the wrong side of the tracks. He and his handicapped mother are forever reliant on government handouts, and he falls in with the wrong crowd. He has an ill effect on electronics, a liability he turns into a skill for stealing cars, which he does with some regularity. And he is constantly in debt to the local gang.

This last part leads him to more stealing, and when he breaks into the house of a local eccentric, he steals a German war medal and accidentally alters the outcome of World War II when his latent time traveling abilities come to the fore.

Drawing the attention of the resident time travelers society, he gets pulled into their drama with all the factions and fighting any large organization faces. It all unfolds gradually and organically, with plenty of Briticisms and plausible explanations along the way.

Anachronist is an enjoyable book, and the series promises to be stellar as well. Hastie has been working on this universe since at least 2017, and has a lot to show for it. Download it today, you will not be disappointed.


Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure


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