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Alexander King Thriller Series

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Alexander King Thriller Series

Books 1-3.


The CIA keeps a lot of secrets. None more deadly than him.

After a covert mission became personal, the only way elite counterterrorism operative Alexander King could keep his loved ones safe, and the eyes of Washington’s enemies blind to his existence, was to disappear.

A year after his family buried a body they thought was his, King saves a young woman from a car bomb in London, and that’s when his work in the shadows becomes complicated. Because she’s not who he thinks she is, and the web that King is pulled into is tangled with enemies that reach the highest levels of the United States government.

But this web being spun by a sadistic terrorist isn’t your average one-time explosive attack. Saajid Hammoud is aiming higher. He isn’t trying to cripple the greatest military in the world, he’s looking to control it. And owning the presidential candidate with a clear path to the White House gets him all the way to the top.

When politics fail, and the might of the world’s most powerful nation hangs in the balance, it’s secret weapons like Alexander King who scour the alleys and back avenues that often make the difference. Unfortunately, King isn’t the only secret in this high stakes game of war. But for the sake of the free world, he sure as hell better be the best.


Alexander King Thriller Series


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