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Carpathian’s Shard

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Carpathian’s Shard

Steam & Aether Book 4.


Deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, Solomon’s Compass points toward a very specific shard.

Rip’s team recovered the gem known as Solomon’s Compass, which points toward aether crystals and their shards in a special rhythm synced to Halley’s Comet. This time, the stone points resolutely toward a unique cave system in the Carpathians, guiding the Steel Comet, Ripley and the Verez family toward a special shard. But Darhaven and the Prussians are looking for aether shards, too. And the Kaiser’s zeppelins are hunting the Steel Comet, with orders to destroy on sight . . .

Don’t miss the fourth book in this stunning steampunk gamelit adventure! Veteran science fiction and military fantasy author, two-time Kindle Scout winner Jaxon Reed presents an exciting ongoing series set in a fantastic gaslamp universe! Featuring fistfights, machineguns, gang warfare, dungeon crawls and sci-fi adventure, Steam and Aether garnered tens of thousands of reads on Royal Road and was a 2022 Writathon winner!


Carpathian’s Shard



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