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Apocalypse Code

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Apocalypse Code

Star League Assassins Book 6.


Nothing has worked to bring the lost quadrant of Euripides back into the League’s fold. In desperation, the bot known as Lead Tetrarch Jade Thrall calls for an Apocalypse Code, directing all available SSI personnel to attack the planet’s infrastructure.

The newest tool in the assassins’ arsenal are specialized bots known as H-LADs, nicknamed Hollow Lads for their ephemeral nature. With Agent Blackmark sprung from prison, the Hollow Lads and other enemies of the Planetary Republic embark on an unprecedented crime spree filled with death and destruction.

But the local AI has some tricks of her own up her sleeve, including former SSI agent Remington Rennison. And Remington will do everything she can to thwart the League on her new home planet.

Don’t miss the latest installment of this action-packed space opera in Jaxon Reed’s Milky Way Universe, filled with intrigue, fistfights and non-stop action!


Apocalypse Code


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